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Natural Habitats --- Holistic Design.    People often ask us what we mean by "holistic design."   At Natural Habitats, we believe that life is interconnected, a complex web wherein one part cannot be separated from another.  The physical environment in which we place ourselves directly influences our moods, our quality of life.  The house we live in, it's location and orientation to the surroundings, the neighborhood and the community --- all of these factors affect us.  When designing a home for a client, we bring this understanding to the design table.  We attempt to understand our client's lifestyle and needs to better design a house that reflects their values and priorities.

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       Tom Pokorny and Dan Thomas of Natural Habitats
            encourage energy efficiency and locate new
                     homes for maximum solar gain. 

Photo by Arlene Shovald, The Mountain Mail, Salida, Colorado.

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Holistic Approach

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Improvements with an eye on the future